Social and Environmental Culture Association

Promote social integration, setting for the relationship with the environment as the main factor of integration.

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It was created by the desire of a group of people to create dynamics of social integration using the relationship with the environment as the primary factor of integration. Our relationship with the land and the activities that develop with it structure the way the individual is highlighted, with himself, and amplifies instruments of societal integration, citizenship and active participation in the construction of a more just and equitable world.


By facilitating positive moments of development with the land, we seek to provide interested parties with instruments for personal and collective development, strengthening personal and consequently interpersonal development, through moments of learning about natural agriculture and permaculture, as well as eco-construction and traditions linked to the earth cycle.




Monitoring and inclusion of a member of the Integrated Disability Support Center, in the association's activities in the form of internship. + info


Participation in the URBiNAT project, which aims to involve local citizens to jointly create a Healthy Corridor for the intervention area in Campanhã.+ info


Development of activities: Sculptures in Cork; Harvesting; Defoliated; Bread making; São Martinho; included in the INCLUIR - SINERGIAS project - Action 4 - Collective Intervention Spaces.+ info

Festival Espantomania 2021

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Our association's principle is Mutual Support, the will that naturally exists to help, where giving exists without thinking about receiving, a space of mutual respect.

Quinta de Noeda where we plant our dreams
we build new bridges, embrace new directions.

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